Labs rules


After you have been approved, you will need to follow the following rules:

  • License: The approved license is only valid for a single ACT Labs event. You need to reapply if you want to organise another event.

  • Branding/Logo: Use your event's ACT Labs logo, including on all press materials.

  • Naming: ACT Labs events are named after locations, such as cities, neighbourhoods, streets etc, and aim to serve that community.

  • Format: Your event should follow the tested format outlined by Fine Acts. Each team must be comprised of a technologist and artist. The ideal time frame of the event is three days.

  • Issue: The issue/theme that you select for your event should be a pressing social issue related to human rights, environmental protection, climate change etc. The issue should not in any way seek to exclude or marginalise already vulnerable communities. No applicants wishing to use the event for their own political or religious agenda will be granted to use the ACT Labs format.

We seek to build awareness and solutions for problems, not contribute to unresolvable disputes on these topics. Organisers should avoid the misuse of scientific language to make unsubstantiated claims.

  • Funds: ACT Labs is a non-profit endeavour. You may not use your event to make money. You may not use your event to raise funds for charities or other organisations.

  • About page: Your site must have an "About" page that includes information about the ACT Labs platform and Fine Acts.

  • Payment: ACT Labs are volunteer events and seek never pay speakers. No one can pay to be included in the program.

Application: You must apply to be allowed to use the ACT Labs event format and branding. The application process involves two tiers: submitting an application form and scheduling an interview with the Fine Acts team.